Rycrafted Glass

Justin Rycraft aka Rycrafted Glass hails from deep in Oregon and has been on the torch since 2001 hand spinning his signature Rycyclers. If you haven’t taken the time to check out the designs being dropped by Rycraft Glass you need to take note. The function of the Rycrafted Glass signature Rycycler’s is nothing short of incredible. The gill seals on the Rycycler design allow for massive function in a tight package. Mini or full size, Rycyclers will get your water spun! We love having new work available in the shop from Rycrafted. Our team owns several of his pieces and we love running function tests on his Rycyclers. We feature much of Rycrafted’s work in our online gallery The Headies Collection.

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Rycrafted - Blasted Lotus White, Blue Dream, Purple Rain, Citron and Atlantis

Product Features: Height: 7.875" Joint Size/Angle: 14mm Female 90 Degree Color: Blasted Lotus White, Blue Dream, Purple Rain, Citron, and Atlantis Features: Sandblasted Diffusion/Perc: 12 Hole Stem Perc Included in your...

Rycrafted Micro - Purple Rain, Blue Dream, Haterade, Citron and Karmaline

Product Features: Height: 4" Joint Size/Angle: 10mm Female 90 Degree Color: Purple Rain, Blue Dream, Haterade, Citron, and Karmaline Features: Rainbow Design with Marbles for counter Balance Diffusion/Perc: 8 Hole Stem...
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