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Pro Swabs - 300 Ct

Product Features: Pointed Swab Tip and Bulb-shaped Swab Tip 300ct per Package Biodegradable Paper Stick 100% Extra Absorbent Pure Cotton Included in your Combo: 1x Pro Swabs - 300 Ct 1x Headies...

Glob Mops Slurper Mops (200 Count)

Product Features: Slurper Mops were designed by Toro Glass to perfectly fit into the shape of a slurper quartz nail, but will also work with any new style quartz nails,...

Randys Pipe Cleaners - 6" Bristled

Product Features: 100% Unbleached Cotton Bristle wire style for heavy-duty cleaning 48 per bundle Tapered for easy cleaning Included in your Combo: 1x Randys Pipe Cleaners - 6" Bristled 1x Headies...

The Heady Plug Pack Cleaning Set (10mm & 14mm Plugs)

Product Features: Glass cleaning plugs. Fits standard 10mm and 14mm rigs. The Heady Plug packs come with 2 different style plugs that fit both 10mm and 14mm standard joint fittings...

Resolution Caps - Black

Product Features: Ooze Resolution Res Caps make cleaning glass bongs and water pipes simple and mess-free. These silicone caps cover the piece’s openings to seal the cleaning solution inside, making it...

Boro Buddy Magnetic Glass Cleaner

Product Features: Magnetic Cleaning Pads for Cleaning inside bongs.  Washable and Replaceable pads  Simple to Use Keeps Water Pipes clean  Included in your Combo: 1x BoroBuddy Handle. 1x Bar Magnetic...

Randys Brush 15"

Product Features: 2" - 2" x 15" Perfect for a larger pipe Included in your Combo: 1x Randys Brush 15" 1x Headies Hideout Sticker Pack 1x Headies Hideout Moodmat Click here...

Randys Brush 3 Pack

Product Features: Randy’s 3 Brush Set is for cleaning large water pipes, hand pipes, and vaporizers. Made of Nylon and Galvanized Steel. One of each size is available in this...
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