Elbo Glass

Elbo glass is indisputably one of the most renowned artists in the industry today. Elbo is co-owner of Everdream Studio in Evergreen, Colorado where he works alongside a number of top industry artists. Elbo splits his time between the Everdream studio and his home in Philadelphia. Best known for his dinosaur motif, Elbo has a diverse portfolio of original design work dating back to 2009. Most notable for his pipework, Elbo creates all of his work by hand using all original designs.

Well known for his dinosaur creations, ELBO’s Dinos are simply out of this world. Elbo learned the majority of his techniques traveling through North America and collaborating with other pipe makers and artists in the States and around the world. Headies Hideout is so happy to be working with such caliber of an artist!

“The things I make are usually based off my past, so that I can move forward. Dinosaurs and moons live in my head.” – Elbo

“Creating is my Passion” – Elbo

“My work is an attempt to transcend the function of the pipe by giving my very self to the process. I am led through the open field of my medium by personal life experiences and my reaction to the relationships in my life.” – Elbo

“The first day I touched glass, I knew I wanted it to be using it every day for the rest of my life” – Elbo

“I am trying to bridge the gap between art and pipes” – Elbo

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