Hondo Glass

Hondo was Born in New Orleans, LA and later grew up and started blowing glass in Albuquerque, NM in 2006.  He has been living and working as a full-time glass artist in Seattle, WA since 2008. There are some artists who master the art that is fume work, then there are the magicians like Hondo Pinzon Aka Hondo Glass.  The heady pineapple master, Hondo is able to bring out jaw-dropping expressions with silver and gold.  His fume patterns are not only intricate, but they just pop under any light.  Hondo has the art of fume figured out so well that you can enjoy his beautiful work even on a perfectly clean and clear background.  Combined with his shaping and sculpting skills, Hondo glass delivers eye-catching drops with form to match the function.   Drop by Headies to check out pineapple in a bottle today! “Glass is life but when I’m not working I’m Overlanding with my family. I love 4X4 in my Toyota and camping / exploring where most people don’t venture to. Camping, hiking, fishing exploration, Toyota Land Cruisers/Tacoma off-road vehicles, bike riding.” - Hondo “My family inspires me……Nature, natural patterns, Fibonacci, pineapples 😊 “ - Hondo
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Hondo Glass Pineapple Pendant - #3

Product Features: Height: ~2.5" Color: Fume and Custom Mix Features: Opal Attachment Included in your Combo: 1x Hondo Glass Pineapple Pendant - #3 1x Headies Hideout Sticker Pack 1x Headies...

Hondo Glass Mini Tube - Pastel Serum

Product Features: Height: 7.75" Joint Size/Angle: 14mm Female 90 Degree Color: Pastel Serum Features: Opal Attachment and CFL Shift Diffusion/Perc: 3 - Hole Pineapple Perc Included in your Combo: 1x Hondo Glass Mini...
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