Evol Empire (Jay Gordon)

Jay Gordon started in the Scientific Glassblowing industry at age 20. He moved from coast to coast mastering glassblowing skills utilized in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and analytical industries, as well as in the field of academia.   

He began to transition to functional glass with early work focusing on merging artistic components with the precise, clean, tight tolerances of scientific glasswork.  Since then, a line of functional glass has emerged evolving from the early designs such as the iconic Eclipse.   New designs build upon the strengths of those early designs optimize the function and form of the piece.   Our goal is to merge scientific glassblowing with functional components to enhance the evolution of glass.  

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Evol Empire Mini Klein - Stargazer & White Rhino

Product Features: Height: ~7.5" Joint Size/Angle: 10mm Female 90 Degree Color: Stargazer & White Rhino Features: Hollow Mouthpiece, Hand Tooled and Ground Joints Diffusion/Perc: Klein Bottle & Punisher Perc Included in...
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