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Jsmart Glass Baby Ninja Turtle - Sandblasted Michelangelo

Product Features: Height: 5.75" Joint Size/Angle: 10mm Female 45 Degree Color: Custom Mixed Colors Features: Sandblasted Diffusion/Perc:  2 - Hole Fixed Downstem Included in your Combo: 1x Jsmart Glass Baby Ninja...

Steve Sizelove x 2 Stroke - Kazoo Pipe

Product Features: Dimensions: 3" x 5" x 3" Color: Sizelove prep with 2 Storke Prep Features: Faceted and Flame Polished Attachment  Included in your Combo: 1x Steve Sizelove x 2 Stroke...

Mr. Voorhees Mini Tube - Lime Drop

Product Features: Height: 6" Joint Size/Angle: 10mm Female 45 Degree Color:  Lime Drop Features: Matching Flower Slide Diffusion/Perc: 2 Hole Removable Downstem Included in your Combo: 1x Mr. Voorhees Mini...

Rycrafted Micro External Drain Kickback - Purple Rain and Citron

Product Features: Height: 4" Joint Size/Angle: 10mm Female 90 Degree Color: Purple Rain and Citron Features: UV reactive Diffusion/Perc: 8 Hole Perc Included in your Combo: 1x Rycrafted Micro External Drain...
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