The Story and Vision About

Thanks to all of your support: commenting, liking, and sharing on Instagram! We thought why not make things easier? We could not pass up the opportunity to make a stellar website that would allow all of you to browse our gallery, order merchandise, and get it shipped straight to your front door through any device. Whether you are on your computer, tablet, or phone, this baby is built to suit your every wish. We are excited for this new way to continue connecting all of you and make shopping at Headies even easier! 

The Story and Vision

As a customer just like you, I have always wanted to easily access and view Headies merchandise from the comfort of my home. Several of my close friends would drive hours just to shop at Headies. As Headies’ followers grew from 1000 to 50k+, I thought why not make all of our trips easier by creating an interactive website. A website that looks great and functions well on any device! A place where we can browse through all that Headies has to offer. After a life changing conversation with Brian and Jeff, they invited me to create this glass shopper’s dream through my web design, development, and SEO company founded right here in Columbus called iDevelopu
Throughout May-October, I worked closely with Jeff in setting up our website. We wanted to make sure it would be compatible and easy to use, even if you are on a tablet or a phone. For the most interactive experience, we created a gallery where all of our artists from across the USA will be featured. You can browse through and see our latest drops. We have also made an interactive shop where you can order Headies Hideout merchandise and accessories with free shipping on all orders in the USA.
Our goal is to give you guys the freedom to make purchases and browse from anywhere, on any device. Through this partnership, I now call everyone at Headies family; I hope that you will experience the same kind of support and service through this website!


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