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Looking for something that didn’t fit into any other categories like a freshly new Dry-Herb Vaporizer.

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From grinders, quartz, titanium, to silicon and storage solutions. We offer a large selection of accessories for the enthusiast.


Digital Volcano Portable Vaporizer


Gpro by Grenco Science The Gpro by Grenco Science s designed exclusively for dry herb use. Continuing in the long line of superior vaporizer engineering, the G Pen Pro from Grenco raises the bar once again by utilizing a huge ceramic oven that heats instantly in a sleek, refined, yet perfectly ergonomic form factor. Despite […]

Dry Herb

Pax 2


Pax 2, Great Dry-herb Vaporizer, Dry-Herb Vape If you are seeking a great dry-herb vaporizer, the Pax 2 is definitely the way to go. This vaporizer is like the iPhone of vapes with different temperature settings and a USB charger to go along with it. The new PAX 2, Version 2 brings a self-optimizing design […]

Concentrate Pens

Pax 3


Pax 3