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JP Toro Glass Biography

JP Toro is responsible for one of the best known and most respected names in the industry. A scientific glass pioneer. JP pushes the levels of precision. He has been doing so for over a decade now. Do you like perfect? Well, there is a reason so many people make their first heady a Toro. They are just that…Perfect every time. That is not something you hear Headies Hideout say very often about an artist; let alone a studio. These guys do it right. And it shows every time. The focus on function is one of the many reasons Toro stays on top of the game. Why did JP Toro get so Popular? Always staying relevant, Toro launched into the quartz game in a big way. Just like JP did in the glass world. His quartz designs are quickly becoming the most in demand within the market. Toro Quartz is definitely Headies approved!

JP Toro Glass Links

Be sure to check out all of Toro's Artwork we currently have available here. Be sure to check out all of JP Toro’s latest works in his online gallery on our site. Stay up to date with JP Toro by Following him on Instagram here.