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Stevie P Glass Biography

SteviePGlass is originally from Madison, Connecticut, a small town along the shoreline. He studied at UCONN where he started blowing glass as a hobby the end of his sophomore year in 1998. Once he saw someone he knew that was a few years older work, he had to try it himself- so he got a kit and started learning out of the few lampworking books that were available at the time. After finishing school, Stevie continued blowing glass full time for a scientific glass company. After 5 years, he decided to go off on his own and has been blowing ever since in New Haven, CT where he resides now. When Stevie is not blowing glass, he loves to collect minerals and go mining, as well as gem faceting and stone cutting. Stevie is now a master of shaping and linework. Working with layers, he is able to create mind-blowing patterns you have to see to understand. His inspiration comes from others artwork and the passion he has for working with a medium with endless possibilities as well as the passion that so many others share for it.

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