Kevin Murray

Kevin Murray Biography

Kevin Murray is an artist that Jeff and Brian both aspired to have in the gallery from the days when we first opened. While we surely couldn’t have afforded it at the time, we also had to earn the attention of the man Kevin. That persistence paid off after a chance introduction by our good friend Harold Ludeman. Headies Hideout has been working with Kevin since early 2017. You can find his amazing art on our shelves and his heady pendys around our necks! One of the hottest artist in the industry, Kevin’s mind blowing flips have set a new standard in the filla world. It is a feat of its own to create a single disk flip with the artistry that Kevin achieves, but the true pioneer Kevin first assembled a full filla tube in 2015. The man has to be fearless with the endless tedious hours that can go into the prep for a full tube, only to then risk an elaborate assembly. Kevin has been putting out stunning Chiefs and full filla tubes ever since that are show stoppers. We are very curious to see what direction Kevin takes next. He may be a man of few words, but his art speaks to the masses.

Kevin Murray Links

Be sure to check out all of Kevin's Artwork we currently have available here. Be sure to check out all of Kevin’s latest works in his online gallery on our site. Stay up to date with Kevin's by Following him on Instagram here.