Etai Rahmil

Etai Rahmil is a glass artist based in Portland, Oregon, previously from Oakland. He is currently focused on contemporary sculptural interpretations of instruments, masks, and antiques. After discovering glassblowing while studying sociology at the University of Oregon in 2009, Etai dropped everything and never looked back. Born in San Jose, California, he returned to his roots in the Bay Area in 2012 and connected with a motivated industry of glassblowers and collectors. Etai is the music man, known for his musical motivations and sculptural interpretations of instruments. GLASS man. From his signature virtuoso recycler to custom instruments, he will truly turn blow your mind with the level of precision and accuracy in his interpretations. His sculpting talents are not limited to the instrumental variety. Etai also specializes in functional glass Masks. Etai's work can be found in galleries and private collections across the country. He is excited to continue pushing the art form and will continue blowing glass until his hands fall off.