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EFNorris Biography

EFNorris is a very talented artist originally from South Jersey and now out of Philadelphia repping that east coast. He has been blowing glass for the past 14 years. During his free time, he loves music and learning to play the drums. His inspiration comes from music and art from around the world. Lucky enough to be in the area of Philadelphia that has a lot of different cultures from around the world. Cambodian, Vietnamese, Chinese, South American, Italian, Greek, South American, Central Amerian, North African, the list goes on. Because of this, he is able to experience many cultures by just taking a short bike ride. "Nothing more inspiring than experiencing something new and different from your normal." -EFNorris Known for his Connoisseur Cup designs, EF Norris isn’t afraid to break out some retti prep, chip stack, or just slay it with eye popping color combos. We love the shaping on all of EF Norris’s work, combining clean lines with styles that are all his own.

EFNorris Links

Be sure to check out all of EFNorris' Artwork we currently have available here. Be sure to check out all of latest works from EFNorris in his online gallery on our site. Stay up to date with Efnorris by Following him on Instagram here.