Coyle Glass

Daniel S. Coyle started blowing glass in 2003. In 2006, after graduating from SCC with a degree in Scientific Glassblowing, he started his career as a scientific glassblower. After 5 years working for a chemical company he quit his job in order to pursue his artistic vision in glass pipes.

He currently resides in Western Massachusetts, where he works alongside of some of the state’s top pipe makers.

“Often my work is playful in nature and can remind you of toys; I guess I like to bring the viewer (or user) back to their childhood and also remind them to not take life so seriously… Why pipes? Making an object into a pipe will allow someone to bond with that object. They will have experiences with it, develop a relationship with it, in time it will become more than a piece in their collection- it will become sentimental.” – Coyle
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