BC Glass

BC Glass Biography

Brandon is originally from the North Chicago Suburb area. Once he graduated high school he moved to the actual city of Chicago and attained his associate's degree from Wright Community College. Just after that, he transferred to Columbia College Chicago where he completed and received his BA in Audio Arts and Acoustics. Throughout college, he spent most of his time in a dark room working on photography, or his home studio working on music. It wasn't long after that he was able to get his foot in the glass industry with the help of his brother Boss Tubes. This next chapter of his life moved him out of the city and to the southeastern corner of Wisconsin, where he spent the next 4 years learning and developing his place in the glass industry. Today, he currently resides out in the beautiful north Denver, Colorado area. This November will be the beginning o the seventh ear of his glass career. Once he started to work with glass all of his other real hobbies ended up fading away. Most time is either spend behind the torch or with friends and family. Though he sure does enjoy going on hikes here in the Rocky Mountains. "My art is inspired by many things and experiences throughout life. Anything from music, other people's art, mother nature, or experiences. The feedback and support I receive from everyone absolutely mean the world to me, Thank you all for everything!" BC Glass