Joel Halen Quartz

With over 15 years in the industry, Joel Halen is no stranger to the glass or quartz game.  Joel is well known as a pioneer in the quartz world for his popular quartz honey hole and trough designs in the past, more recently bringing out the popular flat top Honey Bucket.  A talented glass artist, we expect he might make waves in the heady market again some day! Joel is well known for his popular pet and shop mascot, Cletus the Potbelly pig.  Cletus shares the shop with Joel and crew but steals the show! Here are a couple quotes from Joel’s recent interview with Dope Magazine. “In 2001, I got at job at a headshop in Omaha, Nebraska and I was running the front of the house selling pipes to customers,” he says. “Then I took over in the back a little bit, then I was doing both—learning how to blow glass as well as selling it. So I got both aspects of glassblowing and the pipe market—you know, the retail sales, what people wanted, what they thought they could get made, things of that sort—and then I was there in back learning how to blow glass. Three years after that, I moved out here to Colorado and started blowing glass on my own.” “THE TROUGH CAME OUT OF THE DEMAND RECENTLY FOR A NAIL THAT WASN’T IN YOUR FACE—LOOKING AT THAT NAIL RIGHT THERE IN THE SMALL RIG WITH THE BIG CUP THAT’S HIGHER THAN THE MOUTHPIECE. MY CARB CAP EVOLVED FROM A PENDANT—IT WAS A QUARTZ MOCKUP OF A HONEY HOLE, AND IT BROKE OFF ON MY NEW SALES GUY AND HE WAS LIKE, ‘THIS WORKS AS GREAT AS A CARB CAP!’ SO THE HONEY HOLE, THE TROUGH, ALL THOSE THINGS HAVE ALL EVOLVED FROM US SITTING AROUND AND PARTAKING, TRYING NEW THINGS.”