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I am adding another positive review to the pile! My husband and I stopped in for the first time on Saturday, on our way through Columbus. We had a specific piece in mind, with no idea of the selection that would be available. The shop owner was awesome.

Ashley Kessler / Google
There was a huge variety and great customer service. The art is incredible and was locally blown👍
Mike Scog / Google
Great experience, awesome atmosphere, Jacob was super helpful! Would recommend to anyone!
Todd Clay / Google
Fast. Discreet shipping great customer service all-around a wonderful experience to shop at Headies Hideout. This this the BEST headshop in Ohio.
Golden Arab / Google
This is an Adult Vape & Water Pipe store. The Staff are knowledgeable & very friendly. They’re pricey, but the quality & variety are outstanding!!
Lisa Covert / Google
Nice glass- and good prices. Also a good assortment of incense for every day of the week!
Amato Jill / Google
Cool guys with knowledge of local and national artists. Exceptional customer service. Best shop around.
Dakota Taynor / Google
This place belongs in the future.
Aj Hag / Google
Glad to have you guys in OTE! Awesome shop! Everything you need in one spot. Prices are on point and they feature many local glass blowers. Super friendly no bullshit. Support local think global. See you guys soon.
Chris / Google
Great local tobacco and vape supply. Knowledgeable and helpful staff
Jamie Scally / Google
Quite literally the best smoking supply shop I’ve ever dealt with, from California to Florida, never have I worked with people as flexible and truly dedicated to what they do. The owner works countless hours tending to every senseless thing I’ve asked, beyond store hours, late night at that!
Scott Rosa / Google
Wonderful shop. The staff was helpful and there is a great variety of locally crafted glass. I think it’s the best shop in Columbus.
Michael Neel / Google
Aggressive and Honest prices. The best glass shop I have ever purchased from. I trust this shop with my money more than I trust some of the shops in my own town.
Mycatsonmylap / Google
Amazing pieces from local and other artists. Stop in, browse and say Hi. Check out their website. Wow!
Skip Ott / Google
One of the best head shops around. A couple of really nice guys that introduced themselves as soon as i walked in and a huge selection. Its gonna take me a couple trips to check everything out.
Steven / Google

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Easily the best glass shop in Columbus- certainly the best shop I’ve visited.
Upon entering you are immediately greeted by an owner who is excited about helping you find exactly what you’re hunting for without being overbearing.

Cate M / Yelp

Wow, the selection here is amazing. Brian is super knowledgable and helpful. The store is clean and well prganized making it easy to find the perfect piece. There are some amazing, artistic and individual choices here!

Monette F / Yelp

The guys working the place are super friendly and knowledgable about every piece in there. Everything was so unique, I was amazed! The prices were fair, you get what you pay for 🙂

Brittany P / Yelp

I was surprised at how genuine, upfront & honest the man who owns the shop was. Everything there is damn well worth the asking price. Worth the drive.

Misty P / Yelp

Definitely check this place out. They have a really nice selection and some beautiful pieces. The prices were good and the staff was friendly.

Trey B / Yelp

Finally! A nice glass shop in Columbus. Great selection and all glass is made in the USA with a lot of local and regional artists to choose from. Some of the pieces are certainly works of art. Helpful and friendly staff.

Crystal G / Yelp

Great selection, great prices, beautiful local pieces and knowledgable, passionate staff. What more could you ask for?

Z D / Yelp

Great shop. First time in there tonight, great guys/owners in the store and the best selection of glass I’ve seen. Prices are good and I walked away with a bubbler for around $60. Highly recommend!

Corey S / Yelp

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Wow, where do I start. My first time at “Headies” was tonight, I walked in and felt welcomed by a warm greeting from both the gentlemen working there. Great customer Service! These guys know their stuff! Nice clean store with all the best in glassware,E nails, Titanium/quarts/ceramic you name it.

Nikolaus Probstl / Facebook

This place was amazing and in a goor safe spot, very very kind people and very welcoming. Came all the way from canton and stopped here and love it!

Ethan Bennett / Facebook

Best head shop in the city. Had issues with my card and they were patient, understanding and made me feel like a brother. Will definitely return for all my needs!

Josh Craze / Facebook

Great atmosphere helpful staff really cool people thanks for making my trip to Columbus all worth it

Dustin Flake / Facebook

Highest quality glass shop I’ve ever been to, hands down. One of the only places where the employees actually know what they’re selling you, who made it, and what it’s worth. Don’t go to this shop if you’re not willing to spend some money, but what you’re paying for is quality, and their prices are suprisingly very moderate.

Jacob Bana / Facebook

excellent customer service and a great local selection!!!! and they have dobies!!!!

Bridget Murphy / Facebook

I love headies…..everytime my love and I go in there we walk out with what we need…..and more often then not somethings we dont…..all of the staff is curtious…..friendly…..and so knowledgeable… glad a good heads hope has finally come to us…..thanks guys…..keep up the kickass job!!!!

Nikki Everling / Facebook

I love Headies!! I went in today to get some new vape juice and as usual those guys are so nice and helpful! I’m new to the whole vape world so they were a real help. They even took the time to change my juice and atomizer for me. Thank you Headies

Amy Thomas / Facebook

Only shop in the city that I have been able to full need out with an employee about the glass world and them actually teach me some things.

Spencer Mack / Facebook

This is an amazing shop that provides an experience that people in ohio have needed for over a decade.

Mark Ervin / Facebook

Unbelievable local artists work, with a fun and great staff behind the counter. Definitely going back soon. Watch out for the Doberman… he’s a big lovable fur baby that wants attention too. Lol!!!

Patrick Delvin / Facebook

Hit them up! They carry my glass! Haha. Awesome spot owned and operated by two awesome dudes who really care about the American Degenerate Movement.

Neil Messinger / Facebook

just wanted to stop by and say we love the steamroller and gas mask we picked up it’s a lung Buster man.

Aaron Wiley / Facebook

Great shop love my new pieces thanks the steam roller hit like a boss

Austin Davis / Facebook

Great people, amazing selection of product & dog friendly!!!

John Steelig / Facebook

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Unbelievable pieces of art to use for your smoking pleasure or even as a gorgeous collection of one-of-a-kind creations. HIGHly recommended.


awesome shop. what really got the five stars for me, was how that everything was priced on point, nothing extremely ridiculous (and there are some nice pieces here)


Best glass and prices In CBUS.Most knowledgeable staff as well. Anywhere else you’re either going to pay to much or miss out on some better work.

This shop is amazing walked in and its like a gallery with all the nice glass and the customer service you defiantly want to check this place out A+++

Great shop!