Team Headies


The man, the myth, the legend.

Brian please write your bio.


Jeff is the behind the scenes owner. Locals and regulars know him as he certainly isn’t very good about being hands off… but Jeff’s main job is making sure everyone else on the team has everything they need to make your day! Jeff’s goal is always for everything to run like a well oiled machine, makin sure our #teamheadies nation is always well taken care of! Jeff is an avid Sizelove collector and likes to make spontaneous scoops from our wide range of Ohio Artists!

Inventory Manager, Vice OG

Favorite Artist: J-Smart, Punty, Voorhees, D-Wreck and Baphomet | Satan | 666

Hobbies: Roasting kids on Fortnite, YEEET!, Longboarding, Getting weird, hanging with Amber and the pups.


Sales Manager

Favorite Artist: Contrabasso

He is a modest artist and has always stuck to his unique shaping on his hype recyclers. His chipstack colors are also spectacular.

Jake is our Sales Manager and Quality control master. He has all of the wonderful OCDs when it comes to joint size, shaping, line-up, and over glass knowledge. He does not let any piece go up on the shelf unless he himself would buy and take it home with him. He backs our wonderful high Headies standard to ensure you are receiving the best possible creation.


Jarrett M
Assistant Store Manager

Favorite Artist: Hardcore-Toke

Love watching his progression in works. Also, enjoy watching him explore designs and grow.

Hobbies: Working lol, Glass, Relaxing with Friends.


Favorite Artist: Magism, Salt, and Jsmart

Hobbies: Dirt Racing, Car Audio, Travel, Computers and Photography


Pat (Amber Trichomes)

Favorite Artist: Andrew Tischler

He does the fractille fumed work which is so unique to the glass world.

Hobbies: Hiking, walks on the beach, photography extraordinaire, cooking, having proper beard hygene.


Favorite Artist: WJC

His attention to detail, wide color palette, and his use of sacred geometry in his art.

Hobbies: Hiking, Kayaking, Snowboarding, and Reading.


Favorite Artist: Salt Glass

His sculpture work is one of the best in the game. His work is very unique- whether it be a rig or pendant he puts his soul into it and it shows.

Hobbies: Fishing, Video Games, The Office, Keeping Snakes.


Favorite Artist: Lyons Glass


Hobbies: Howling at the moon, Playing video games 



Favorite Artist: 



Office Manager

Favorite Artist: The Glass Mechanic 


Hobbies: Walking the dogs, Working out and being totally awesome.