The Headies HideAway Program allows you to hold any item in the shop with a deposit.

The HideAway Program Details…

Like everything at Headies, we try and keep it simple:

Step 1:  Find your dream piece in store or online

Step 2:  Contact the Headies Hideout team and let them know what you would like to put on Hideaway

Step 3:  Put a minimum of 40% down.  We can send an e-invoice to our online customers.

Step 4: You have 2 months to take care of the balance, No Interest, No Fees, NO PROBLEMs.  No payment plan.  Your schedule.

Step 5: We ship out your dream piece or you can pick up in store when paid.  Simple as that.

Step 6:  Rage with Happiness =)

What happens if I break the HideAway Policy?

At Headies Hideout we have to have some rules but we understand life happens.

If you need an extension on your time due to unforeseen circumstances, please reach out to us as soon as possible.  We will do our best to work with you but don’t wait to the last minute….yes you, I am talking to you.  Don’t wait till the last minute, got it?

Your deposit is non-refundable.  If something happens and you will not be able to complete your transaction please contact us ASAP.

We have offered the Headies HideAway policy since Day 1 at Headies Hideout.  Its all about our vision of providing the type of shop we would want to shop in, simple as that.

Be a good person and we can assure you that this program will treat you well!  It is quite popular!